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The Techno Tours Company, based in Florence Italy, deals since 2000 with the rental of Radio Guides for groups, namely audio systems, expressly created with the objective to offer to anyone participating in a group tour, a tool that significantly enhances their experience of listening during guided visits to museums, art exhibitions, churches, walking tours, archaeological sites etc …

Over the years the Whispers audio systems have become essential partners of the local Guides, thanks to which today, contrary to what happened in the past, can easily lead to large groups while maintaining a clear, direct contact with each participant, even in situations of particular chaos due to the inevitable tourist overcrowding that characterizes the main cities of art.

The service is aimed at Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Schools, etc ..., or to those having a need to accompany groups in cultural activities.



The possibility of use of our audio systems vary depending on the needs:

from the rental for a Half Day ,necessary for the visit of a museum, an art exhibition or for a walking tour among monuments,to the rental for a Full Day, for a deeper guided tour or even for a trip out of town, up on to the rental for more Consecutive Days, a service that allows you to fully exploit the potential of our systems.

The delivery and collection of Whisper equipment are made directly and promptly by our staff at the meeting points agreed during the booking service.

Our audio-receivers systems consist of small devices, light and easy to use.

The main Radio Guide with Transmitter feature allows the Guide or Tour Leader to communicate to the group through a practical wired microphone.
The Radio Receiver supplied instead to every single member of the group allows you to listen via a comfortable ergonomic headset.

whisper signoria

whisper ponte vecchio

Thanks to the multi-channel function each group is tuned to a different frequency, thus allowing the use to more groups simultaneously without risk of interference.

Our devices are supplied charged and ready for use, whose Autonomy is Guaranteed for the whole duration of the rental.


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